Four Quick & Easy Ways To Update Your Website

If your site is looking a little tired, and resources are too tight for a complete overhaul, start with one of these inexpensive ways to make updates to your pages.

Customer Testimonials Page

A customer testimonials page is obviously not appropriate for every site. But if you’re running an online business, testimonials not only provide unbiased insight into the services that you offer, but give glimpses into the diversity of the customers you are attracting. Another option is a customer spotlights page, featuring a descriptive blurb and picture on a long-time user of your services.

Grow Your Newsletter/Email List

This one does not technically fall under the “updating your website” umbrella, but it’s an important, relatively easy way to show your growth as a brand if you don’t have the resources to conduct a complete redesign. Your customers want to hear from you. And sending newsletters and emails makes it much easier to get your content out there to them, instead of your customers looking for it on your site. Three ways to grow your subscriber list:

Make it easy to subscribe: Include an opt-in box on the homepage of your site. Follow up with a new welcome email and offer an incentive (for example, a 10% off coupon).
Social Media: Add an email opt-in to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. It can be as basic as requesting a first name and email address.
Don’t Forget: If you want to engage and grow your list, you’ll need to continuously provide new content, relevant articles, and limited-time, email exclusive offers.

Revise Your “About” Page

When was the last time you updated your “about” section? Is your contact information (phone number and email address) up to date? It may sound like tedious work, but your about page adds depth- it puts a name, a face, and a location to your site which adds credibility and trustworthiness. Try posting a picture of your team, or if your website is an extension of a brick and mortar business, add a photo of your storefront. An “About” page is where you should tell your story – how your idea or business was developed. Keep the structure relaxed and give it a voice.

Q&A Section

Are you receiving the same questions and inquiries over and over? It might be time to consider a question and answer section, which will save both you and your site’s visitors some time. Develop a list of common questions and spend some time curating answers. After a while, you’ll find yourself spending less time responding to inquiries, and more time focused on growing your business.

What do you think? We want to hear from you. Plan to implement any of these ideas on your own site? Leave a comment in the section below.

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