Automating Social Media Marketing with Hootsuite

Social media marketing is a full-time job, and if you’re like us, you need the right tools to help automate some of the more repetitive tasks. As you might have guessed (from the title of this post), we’re talking about one of our favorite social media management systems: HootSuite Enterprise.

HootSuite’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, etc. (Wikipedia). The platform also provides custom analytics, message management, and a user-friendly mobile app to help teams stay connected at all times. HootSuite’s plans and pricing vary depending on the features needed. Individuals and small businesses can use the basic plan for free, whereas larger businesses with multiple social media channels, which need more in-depth analytics and scheduling capabilities, might be more interested in HootSuite Enterprise.

If your business has a strong presence across multiple social media channels, having a plan in place ahead of time allows your marketing team to gauge real-time reactions. Once you are ready to execute your social media marketing plan, you can take advantage of HootSuite’s easy to use the platform through the various techniques we’ll explain below:

Social Media Support

HootSuite supports multiple Facebook profiles and pages, along with multiple Twitter accounts. It works for small businesses as well as larger companies that might have different subsidiary brands under their umbrellas. The basic service is free and users can upgrade to premium accounts based on their needs.

Team members can schedule weekly reports through the platform, which provides custom analytics on how posts are performing. These reports are emailed to team members, which is a handy feature to reference when trying to understand where your social media traffic is coming from.

Hootsuite Mobile

Hootsuite’s mobile app is convenient and easy to use. It’s available on IOS and Android, making it accessible to most smartphones. However, the mobile app has a few limitations- it only supports Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter accounts, personal LinkedIn accounts, and Foursquare.

The app is helpful when it comes to receiving notifications on user activity for Facebook and Twitter accounts. If a customer has a sales question, comment, or support issue, it’s helpful to get this information in real-time.

How We Use Hootsuite schedules posts through HootSuite to send to Facebook and Twitter, two of our main marketing channels. The Auto Scheduler is very handy when we have weekly deals, coupons, giveaways, or challenges that we want to share with both new and existing customers. It’s important to note the limitation with the bulk scheduler. Because Microsoft Excel doesn’t integrate well with HootSuite, bulk uploading of posts must be done manually. This is something to keep in mind if you have multiple social brands on multiple social platforms.

With minimal limitations, HootSuite serves its purpose as a social media management platform. It provides easier management of our brand’s social accounts, schedules our posts at the click of a button, and has built-in real-time notifications. HootSuite is a great tool for any business or individual looking to organize the more repetitive tasks on social media.

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